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Speak Differently: Communicating with Change in Mind (Group Coaching)

Not all learning is created equal, and the human mind is always capable of more than we expect. Learn to expect more and learn to accomplish more in this one-of-a-kind course for speakers, teachers and learners. This course provides a clear and potent roadmap to the human soul, insuring that your listeners will experience lightbulb moments and shift to a higher level of thinking. It integrates ideas from change theory, various therapy models, neuro-linguistic programming and neuro-science to show you as a speaker how to enter your listeners world and hand them the keys to the changes they are searching for.

Course Lessons

Created by

Bob & Polly Hamp

Bob and Polly Hamp are author’s speakers and helpers of the human race. Together they own Think Differently Counseling and have helped thousands of people with their writing and teachings.

Bob is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Polly is a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP and Think Differently Coach. Coming together from different backgrounds, they have found a common focus in recognizing the healing power of healthy relationships, and a meaningful spiritual life based on scripture.

Together they have six grown kids, five amazing grandkids and a growing pack of Corgis.